HAVANT  DOG  GROOMING  - Small pets welcome
Please ensure that your dog has had a good walk before hand.
The less energy your dog has the more likely it is that they will relax and enjoy themselves. This also gives your dog chance to go to the toilet.
A £10 no-returnable deposit is required to secure your FIRST groom.
(The deposit will be deducted from the total cost of the groom).
Please note that at the moment we can only except cash payments.
If your dog has a skin complaint please feel free to bring any veterinary shampoo / own doggy towels you may have .

During the groom, if it is discovered that your dog has fleas, we will endeavour to, and do our best, to contact you and inform you of this. 
A surcharge of £15 will be added to your groom in all cases to cover the cost of fumigation of our premises.
(We have a duty of care to all our customers) 
You are by law, to advise us if your dog has ever shown signs of aggression or has been aggressive. We the groomers refuse the right to groom any dog that shows aggression while in our care. You will be required to collect your dog at once even if your dogs groom is unfinished !! and payment in full is required. The owner is held responsible and liable for any bites caused by their dog.
 Cancellation / missed  appointments will incur a charge of £15 if not cancelled within 24 hours of appointment time.
This will be payable before booking your next appointment.
Havant dog grooming abides by the Animal Welfare act 2007 section 5 where in it states "ALL ANIMALS ARE TO BE PROTECTED FROM PAIN, INJURY, SUFFERING AND DISEASE" de-matting is extremely painful and therefore we refuse to de-matt dogs.
If your dog is matted he may need clipping off. PLEASE NOTE; clipping off a matted coat may cause nicks to his/her skin, or may cause skin irritation. You will be required to sign a "PERMISSION TO SHAVE A MATTED COAT" form.
PLEASE NOTE; we are not here to clip a matted coat off the same dog at every appointment that is made for the dog.
Clipping off matted coats will be charged at a higher rate due to extra time and wear/tear on our equipment. Grooming for your best friend is meant to be a pleasure and not a bad experience !!
Sorry this service is no longer available. 
We will clean your dog's ears if needed.  
Nail care will be carried out at your dogs appointment time if needed.  Please note we do not clip nails if we think they do not require clipping . Dogs with very over grown nails will be required to have two appointments, so the first nail clip allows the vain to shrink back up in to the nail allowing more nail to be clipped. (second appointment will be two / three weeks after the first clip).  You are welcome to book an appointment for nail care only    ( Nail clipping is from £5  ).
Puppys are advised to come for baths and grooms from a young age. (all puppy jabs must have been completed) PLEASE NOTE; Havant dog grooming does not clip puppys under six months old. This is due to our own personal opinion, as we feel that puppys need to come for baths / grooms first. This is so they get to know all the sounds, smells and what is required of them and what is going to happen to them when they come for their bath/ groom. It is also for them to get to know us and they get to know that YOU ( their mummy or daddy ) WILL BE BACK TO COLLECT THEM!! We are animal lovers and will not cause any animal distress.
Your dog while in our care will be treated and groomed as if it were our own. We try our best not to use muzzles, but for the safety of ourselves sometimes it may be necessaryWe are honest and will tell you if your dog has been well behaved or has misbehaved while in our care. We do not and will not tell you that your dog has not misbehaved while in our care so as not to lose your custom. If your dog has misbehaved while in our care we will let you know, so that we can talk through the problem, and give the care and extra time your dog may require and deserve. Extra time will be spent with your dog for as long as is required. Our job is not just to groom your dog but also to make sure your dog enjoys being  groomed while in our care.
The equipment we use is the best on the market. We have an electric grooming table and electric bath which lowers down to the floor allowing  your dog to walk on and off. We use the quietest dryer on the market so as not to frighten your dog . The blaster we use has two speeds, allowing us to use a slow blowing air if your dog is nervous . Tools we use are bought from a professional grooming company .

Barbicide is used to clean all tools, the grooming table tops and bath after each dog. Each dog has clean fresh towels for drying off .
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