HAVANT  DOG  GROOMING  - Small pets welcome

Mandy’s Dog Spa Treatments.

Using our brand new revoutionary Ozone Spa Bath, treat your dog to a whole body massage.
The tiny yet powerful bubbles and their rhythmic impact deliver a massaging effect to stimulate and activate body tissues.
This relieves tension and fatigue, relaxes and balances, massages and encourages the production of red blood cells and white blood cells.
Internal organs are stimulated, blood and lymph circulation are facilitated and muscles are relaxed.

Relaxation Therapy -

A relaxing jacuzzi with 100% natural, organic ingredients that include goats milk, coconut oil and lavender.
This luxurious pamper treatment cleanses and deodorises, neutralising doggy odour and leaving behind a natural, fresh and subtle scent.

Joint and Muscle Therapy -

Restorative jacuzzi using Dead Sea salts.
This treatment is ideal for working or sporting dogs, elderly pets or convalescent pets suffering from muscle pain.
The salts nourishes the skin and coat and relaxes the muscles.
Exceptionally rich in natural minerals which includes clove, sandalwood and ylang-ylang essential oils.
These quality salts are hypoallergenic.

Skin Care Treatment.

This treatment is perfect for pets with skin complaints
A calming and soothing jacuzzi which soothes the skin and reduces inflammation.
100% natural, organic ingredients which include hydrating shea butter, healing camomile and, anti-fungal and antiseptic rosemary.
All three of these ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties, making it perfect for dogs that have skin conditions, especially rashes, allergies and dermatitis.

Deep Cleansing Treatment.

A deep conditioning, gentle cleansing jacuzzi for your pet.
Enriched with unrefined wheatgerm oil
Soothes irritated skin and improves skin and coat health.
This treatment helps with skin complaints such as psoriasis, eczema and dryness. It also contains vitamins A, E and D, which helps to improve general skin and coat health.
With a pleasant, natural fragrance.

Paw Treatment -

Deeply cleanses and sanitises feet
Moisturises and conditions nails and paw pads
Helps to eliminate paw licking!

With white tea tree oil and other natural ingredients which helps to fight and eliminate fungus, bacteria and germs,
cleansing and sanitising canine feet.
It's the perfect product to pamper pets, but also gives great health benefits!

Facial Treatment -

This is an “add on” treatment which can be used in conjunction with any of our treatments, (except the paw treatment).

This is a gog spa facial treatment which
cleans, brightens and helps remove tear stains.
Containing natural ingredients including fresh fruit extracts and essential oils, it is tearless, luxurious and fresh scented.
This treatment also includes the outer ears, face and neck.

Sparkle Treatment

(Only available at Christmas time).

Treat your furry friend to our festive time pamper in our jacuzzi.
Using a fruity deodorising shampoo which is suitable for any coat.
Rich in tropical scent which is fragranced by perfumers.
Our festival scent is a luxurious blend of dark fruits, featuring plum, black cherry and raspberry, mixed with hints of exotic flowers, with a smooth, aromatic vanilla undertone.
This perfectly balanced perfume is designed to recreate a tropical paradise and lift your dogs spirits.

Price List

Relaxation Treatment -
15 minute treatment + 15 minute rinse/drying time….£15

Joint and Muscle Therapy -
15 minute treatment + 15 minute rinse/drying time….£15
Special offer!!!!
Book a block of 5 treatments on our Joint and Muscle Treatment and get your 6th treatment totally free!

Skin Treatment -
15 minute treatment + 15 minute rinse/drying time….£15
Special offer!!!!
Book a block of 5 treatments on our Skin Care treatment and get your 6th treatment totally free!

Deep Cleansing Treatment -
15 minute treatment + 15 minute rinse/drying time….£15

Paw Treatment -
10 minute treatment + Nail Clipping + 5 minute rinse/drying time….£10

Facial Treatment -
As an “add on”....£5

Sparkel Treatment -
(Only available at Xmas)
15 minute treatment + 15 minute rinse/drying time….£20

Please note - that all dogs with a long or double coat will incur an extra charge for a longer drying time.

Small breeds with long/double coat….£5.00
Medium breeds with long/double coat….£7.50

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